Mrs. Hygiene

We are committed to the fights against COVID-19 pandemic

How ready is your workspace?

Has your office been decontaminated?

  • Coronavirus droplets are able to survive for up to a several day  on surfaces
  • A thorough decontamination protocol is the best way to decrease viral load in your office

Staff awareness

  • Screening
    • Questionnaire
    • Temperature checks
    • Record keeping
  • Regular training
  • Notices
  • Marking to assist social distancing

Social distancing

  • Are you compliant?
  • Ensure adequate spacing
  • Staggered breaks

Sanitation products 


Staff support

Post lockdown checklist: how safe is your workspace?

  • Ensuring the safe return to work is paramount under current lockdown
  • We salute business preparing to re-open and pledge our support by offering compliant cleaning and disinfection solutions and products.
  • We have superbly trained team to ensure that your work environment is safe for the return of your staff


In order to assist your return to work, PC Clean and Mrs Hygiene offer:

We offer a comprehensive cleaning and protection solution for your staff and workspace.

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